Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees are specified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine yearly and are permanent during the whole educational period. Tuition fees are close to the lower limit of that established and thus are one of the most reasonable in Ukraine.

    The tuition fees for the academic year 2018-2019 are the following:


Period of Study

Tuition Fee

(per year)

General Medicine (English language)


3 900 $

General Medicine (Ukrainian language)


3 300 $

Dentistry (English language)


4 300 $

Dentistry (Ukrainian language)


3 800 $

Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy - Master (English language)


3 500 $

Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy - Master (Ukrainian language)


3 300 $

Nursing – Bachelor (English language)


2 400 $

Nursing – Junior Specialist (English language)


2 000 $

Preparatory Department (English language)


1 500 $

 Postgraduate Course  2 500 $
 Clinical Residency  3 000 $


    We would like to inform you that due to changes in the legislation of Ukraine, the Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine "Bukovinian State Medical University" has opened a new account in a state bank for tuition fee payment to be done from abroad by foreign citizens.

    The previous bank account is valid till November 01, 2017.

    We would kindly ask you to take this information into account when paying for studies of foreign students.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of International Relations:

    Enclosure: Details of the new bank account for tuition fee payment at 1 page.

Відділ міжнародних зв’язків (Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці),
28 Sept 2017, 05:29