Information for Foreign Applicants


   In Ukraine education for foreign citizens is available on the contract basis if other is not settled by special interstate agreements. 

  Teaching process in all faculties is conducted in English or Ukrainian. Foreign citizens who do not know Ukrainian, but want to continue education in this language can get enrolment in one year preparatory course, which includes intensive language programme or its modification with additional learning of medical/biological terminology. The graduates of the mentioned department may get admission to the first year of BSMU or any other institution in Ukraine.

       Tuition fees for foreign citizens are specified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine yearly and are permanent during the whole educational period. 

    The curriculum in BSMU is based on the principles of the European Credit Transfer System, including: structuring of training disciplines on modules; using of ECTS as a unit of a student’s training load measurement, necessary for mastering disciplines; the application of ECTS scale of evaluation.

   The teaching process is ensured by almost 700 tutors – academicians, professors, associate professors, senior teachers. 

Academic year starts on the 1st of September    

Preparatory course starts on the 1st of October 
                                                                                                                                                                   Autumn admission deadline is the 1st of November

Spring admission deadline is the 1st of March